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Sustainable Development

CAL is committed to sustainable development for the people of Cameroon in general, and of the project region in particular.

Sustainable community development is, and will always be, the main thrust of CAL’s project development plan. In line with this policy, the company included a community development programme as a part of its work programme. After wide consultation with the local community and the government, the lack of safe drinking water was identified as one of the most critical problems being faced by the community. In order to help resolve this problem, CAL undertook and completed an ambitious programme ‘Drinking Water for All’ in the Ngaoundal, Minim, and Martap areas. This programme included:

Installation of 11 water wells in three villages
  Minim: 3
  Martap: 3
  Ngaoundal: 5
Rehabilitation of Minim water reticulation

Around 20,000 people in the region benefit from this programme.

As the project develops further, CAL will continue to undertake similar community development programmes in consultation with the local government and community.

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