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Benefits for Cameroon

Implementation of the proposed multi billion dollar bauxite mine and alumina refinery project will significantly and positively benefit Cameroon, including:

Employment: The project is expected to help in creating around 7000 direct and 6000-8000 indirect jobs during the peak of the execution phase, and around 1500-2000 direct, and 4000 indirect jobs during the operation phase.

Education and Training: hundreds of highly skilled jobs are necessary for constructing and operating an Alumina Refinery and an extensive training program will be undertaken by CAL for capacity building in Cameroon.

Procurement: hundreds of million of dollars worth of goods and services will be needed during execution and operations phases, which will boost local Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development.

Infrastructure development: rail and port will have a highly positive socio-economic impact on top of the freight that the project will bring in.

Community Development: program involving vocational training, education, and healthcare will be implemented.

Long term, sustainable positive impact on Cameroon’s GDP, exports, and foreign exchange earnings.

Cameroon will be widely viewed by the international community as an attractive destination for international investment.

Overall, the project will provide many direct and indirect benefits to Cameroon. There will be requirement for maintenance workshops, small scale fabrication and engineering factories, educational and social facilities, security, catering, cleaning, transportation and other professional/consultancy services as a result of the project, all leading to substantial development and contribution to the economy.

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